Sunday, September 24, 2006

Miami Vice..

So okay, I know I have one major delay, but on tuesday I saw Miami Vice, a movie that came out on july the 28th, yet I haven't had the chance to go see it, I wanted to see Superman instead ...etc.
I was expecting so much more, which is weird since I never expect a thing from an action film, and yes I know its Colin Farrell, who is not that GREAT of and actor, but he's okay, I think he did a real nice job on "The New World", anyway I used to love Miami Vice the tv show, although when I started watching it was longggggg after being over, I'm just a kid, so don't push it, but I do enjoy the show, considering it was the 80's, I love the clothing, the style, the's like The Mob Squad, Charlie's Angels, Starsky and Hutch, etc, that kind of show that really portrais a time, i also loved the duo, Tubs/Crockett.

And then there was the movie preview, it blow me away, the whole Numb/Encore song being played in the background of it, the scenes taken for it, I truly believed I was going to love that movie, BS, I was falling asleep at the movie theater, the only thing keeping inside were actually Joaquín and his funny ways, and the fact i wanted to see all scenes shot here, I love watching things that were filmed here, I loved "Habana", "In The time Of the butterflies", "the Feast of the Goat", I can't wait to see "The Good Shepard" and "the Lost City", but one thing's for sure, a musical track can do so much for a movie, I love the whole Jay-Z/Linkin Park combo, and let me tell you, Jay-Z's only songs I like are "Can I get A ..." "99 problems" "Big Pimpin" "Hard knock life" and "Encore" of course, if duets "hearbreaker" with mariah and "crazy in love" (so girly ah? hahahah) and Linkin Park I used to like them a lot, I just got sick, so it was a nice way to have some respect for them again, I guess they got street credit by working with Jay-Z, im not a big fan of Rap/hip-hop, whatever you might call it, but I do know the man has it.

But that was the only good thing out of the movie, well that and when the blond girl put a bullet on a guy's forehead, (hahah not that I'm okay with violence) you just have to see that part to get what I I'm goin to post it:P jijijij (sorry it's not in english)



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