Thursday, October 30, 2008


A certain friend,

He or she,

From an era,

Conversation turns, tête-à-tête turned,

Off, On, Cut;

He or she, or they, both, talk,

Language is not adequate,

An a photograph is a theme,

The same,

From this era,

As punctual as their arrival,

It only takes a theme or two,

Before the arrival,

words are not tolerable.

Then turn,

always turned,


A certain friend,

From past eras,

And to come,

A certain friend,

Panic bed,


Beep beep,

A brain,

Beep beep,

Death threat,

Watched her in silence,

Watched her in her silence,

Death threats her or him, them, both,

She, she,

She’s deadly,

She’s in danger,

But she, she,

Which one, what one, who’s one,

They, both, dread death, for opposite reasons.


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