Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Dark Knight Premiere (Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic)

Even though I already saw it last Friday, August 8th, I still went to the so called Official Premiere today (and by so called I mean because the premiere, with invitation, was actually held on Tuesday August 12th) here and for my (actually both Raúl and I) disgrace when we arrived to The Bella Vista Cinemas they were already sold out, pre-sell, except for the 9:30 p.m. function, yet it was 4:00 p.m. needless to say there was no way in Gotham City we were going to wait from 4 to 9.

With our spirits down we arrived at the Acropolis Cinemas, because basically and to be kind lets just say we dislike that theater, and attended the 6:10 p.m. function. No further distractions, no kids crying, interpreters, nor talking heads of any kind, yet I do have something to vent about: what in batman's hell happened that caused several minutes of the movie to be cut?? I have absolutely no intention to "blow this out of proportion" solely because I already watched the movie and I know as a fact they were cut, and what was cut, so in my mind I had this little "asshole" laughing and thinking "buawhahahaha I know" still, that ruined the moment's mood and most of all I wanted to see the reaction of the room to that moment, also it kinda ruined further events related to that scene.

Films are meant to pay attention to them in order to see clearly the development of the story, understand them for what they are, either plain entertainment or meaningful and insightful themes that might make sense or not, yet have this impact on the way things are percieved, things or people for that matter, our human condition is limited by what we experience, see, breathe, taste, etc., but that's it, we're selfish in a deeper way than all obvious things already stated by so many, just the idea that someone's actions are wrong mainly because we do not understand them, nor the nature of the same or the out-come, or because we are fisically, mentally and humanly unable to see beyond our bloody noses.
Someone said to me that "to see things like that" only helps to justify "wrong doings" and "socially repressed actions" and the only thing I could respond to that was "and by being pointing fingers and judging what we don't understand or are afraid of is what exactly? isn't that an easy way to step-back and let other do the "dirty work" of saying, without any kind of moral grounds, who or what is wrong or right?" ..isn't easier to try and live our lifes causing the less damage or pain possible, to others and ourselves?.

Well, this is about The Dark Knight, I loved everything about the movie, my only concern is the cape crusader's voice, -something I already said the 1st time I saw it-, even though Batman Begins had that factor incorporated to it, this time they took it to another level, and I really don't think is a smart move. Some might say "hey it's that's the whole point, it's part of who he is" but I'm not quite convinced yet, it's over-done, too much, the Batman's voice in BB has a better appeal to me, yet that's the only thing I believe should be taken care off, next time; loved the film, great cinematography, art direction, costum design, especial effects, Heath L.'s Joker will be difficult to top, by any villian in the Gotham criminal family or any Comic Book based film's villian-billed actor; Aaron E's Harvey Dent/2-Face fantastic, SOLD, the man delievered, I didn't expect any less than that, I knew, I knew, he is a great actor, too bad people notice that when blockbusters are involved; Morgan F's Lucius Fox, I don't even have to say it and the same goes with Michael Caine's Alfred, they're Knights, as simple and determinating as that.

Get the movie fixed, no scene-cut bs and also, we need IMAX theaters here.


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