Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Moon colored.-

An affair with a tree;
I used to resent the woods he’d spent days and nights,
His dreams apart,
leafs on his hair, the closest I ever was
waving from a far ,
I resent it.

An affair with a tree;
standing still, up there
branches bend,
Give in,
as he falls in his knees,
waiting for leafs to now kiss his feet.

wondering eyes disappear,
His lover the moon colored them black,
The blackest in a universe left alone by planets,
Stars and anxiety,
But weren’t those yellow? Green? Or gray?
He stands still next to his lover tree,
jolly while stares at air,
futile grin;
I wanted to smash his head,
or hers. (?)

Don’t worry mommy I am not your violent little girl,
(we get her)

An affair with the tree holding a manicure and a tee,
No caffeine in your coffee, tea or coke,
None chocolate-love-affairs for anyone to bleed honey on,
Slow-motion honey bleeding hon;
Bleed out honey;
same kick in the door, as many ..
not long ago;
or is it the meds kicking you to sleep,
to her floor,
someone else’s floor;
damaged bee
like a bad dealer-pusher-asshole-wannabe,
handing bad honey around,
too slow,
like 100% pure, bad slow love,
bad love-like-cocaine-fucked-up-love-affair,
it’ll kill everything but the tree love affair,
but the tree holding a manicure and a tee.

Wanted to smash his head or mine or hers (?);
don’t worry mommy I am not fucked up,

Wanted to smash my head for sure,
It’s ok mommy I’m just a little messed up.


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