Saturday, July 15, 2006

News and a recall to the mind.

JARABACOA. - Three brothers of ages five, four and two died carbonized this morning in Montana, of the municipal district Buena Vista, in a fire that reduced to ashes the house in which they lived with their mother. Sandy, Katy and John Cruz, were devoured by the fire that began 8:00 this morning, informed the Major Francelys Abreu, of the Fire Fighters.

The mother, Milagros Cruz, had left to buy them breakfast. Three units of Fire Fighters showed up at the scene, and controlled the flames, but already the house of wood and zinc had been reduced to ashes and so the infants. The section Montana its twelve kilometers away of the head municipality, in the highway Vega-Jarabacoa.

The neighbors tried to save the children but it was impossible for them to penetrate the house due the flames. The mother had to be controlled by the firemen when she tried to enter the house, while still on fire, to rescue her children. The carbonized little bodies were transferred to the public hospital.

The house was constructed on wood and zinc. It had three rows of blocks. "Until now we are making the investigations of what produced the fire", said the Major Abreu.

An engineer who passed by the place was the one who alerted the firemen. The colonel of the firemen of Jarabacoa, Lucas Juvenal Valenzuela, directed the operative to choke the flames and to avoid that it would extend to other houses.

Thanks to Listin Diario Edición Digital...and myself for translating it.

This is another tragedy, a huge tragedy, only one newspaper reported it, what do u say, what can u say to a mother who has to deal with such tragedy, who couldnt save her children because she was getting them breakfast?
How come, there are places in my country where the most simple and basic things are so hard to get?
And so many of us, live in such great conditions, unaware of the tragic situation other men and woman have to deal with, yet we seem to be so ungrateful for what we have and the great life our parents have provied us with..

Sure most of us, live with a single parent, sometimes he/she has been the only one raising us, educating us, dressing us, feeding us....
but we've been lucky enough to have a better life than so many others.

So many times i've said "i won't eat that.." just because there's so much to choose from, and then there's a little kid, (and im not goin to say in Africa, i'll keep it as complicated as it is, by reducing it to my country, cuz yes Africa does need help, i agree and i try to help, but i have and i need to start thinking about my country, i can't help fixing something or someone in another continent when im uncapable of helping my Patria...,) a little kid here, (like the ones i see everyday around my university, barefoot, asking for money and for the food ure about to eat, cuz god forbids u go to one of the universitary plaza restaurants because just when ur order arrives, u see their hungry little faces, and guilt and shame attack us) and they will kill for the things we throw away every single day, specially food.

A house made of wood and zinc, and I see it, inhuman, a no way condition to live like, and that's across the Nation, everywhere u might find it...houses that fall off, slide downhill due to rain.., get on fire cuz eveything about it, is an accelerating combination, while people like me worry about our wi-fi's not working.
And is it fair? no, its not, and I hope people agree.

We sometimes look down the poor, from what the clothes they wear are and look like, to where they live, to the way they talk or hang out with..and where..and believe for some reason we're better, and hell we're not, we get it all easy, "mom i need this..i need that, i want to go to Bahamas for vacation, i want to go to the Draco concert in Puerto Rico and the one here...but only if i go VIP, im goin to the cinema, and its 200 plus dinner, mom ill love it if u get a 64 Borgona Red Wine..."

And people who have it hard in life learn how to be responsable from a very young age, work to pay for their College education, come from long distances in public transportation to be right in time and not miss a class...while we look at the clock and say "hell no, im not goin this early, i hate that class..fucking boring" and then half hour after the class has started we get the keys to a fabulous car, drive to the university and spend the next 30 minutes looking where to park...

Then class is over and we hang out with our friends talking and thinking what to do next, while others are walking pretty fast to get to the bus stop so that they'll not be out in the street looking for transportation after 9 pm, and I wonder if due to the irresponsability of being in our shoes, we'll turn out to be bad citizens? bad persons?
bad parents?...bad professionals?
I just wonder, cuz, i've learned to see things for what they are, and not get carried away by banal bullshit, but im sure I have slipped into it a few times.

And I read news like this, and I remember, people, most of them, at least here, don't live the way I do, and its a reminder of how lucky I am, we are, so whenever any of u..find urself complaining about some crap, just remember, its only that, crap, superficial, and non-representative of who we are.

Thank u to whoever read this, its pretty long so I esteem ur attention and ur time which i consider to be gold.


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