Saturday, July 15, 2006

Several witnesses which were present at the murder of the taxi driver Isaac Reynoso Rosa, who was shot in the back of his neck fired by the agent of the Metropolitan Authority of Transport, Jose Maria Alcantara, affirmed that the young man never resisted to the arrest, unlike the accused has said, and that the victim was mortally shot without mediating words.

The agent of Amet ordered Reynoso to stop because supposedly he made a wrong "U" turn in his Toyota Corolla, in the intersection of the avenues Tiradentes and Roberto Pastoriza, but when he didn't stopped began a persecution that culminated in the Evaristo Morales street with 27 de Febrero, when the taxi driver hit a car parked in the place.

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The relatives of the victim are not satisfied with the course of the case and assure that the investigators of the Police try to disorient and to alter the file to evade the responsibility of other agents who participated in the crime. "the Police acted negligently because they set free coauthors Hipolito Antonio Tejada, Miguel Angel Peguero Urena and Euri Cuello Suero", said Whenshy Wilkerson, lawyer of the relatives of Reynoso Rosa.

Several witnesses spoke yesterday for the LISTIN DIARIO and assured that "when the taxi driver crashed his car towards the car that was parked he stepped out of the car with his hands raised up in plain view" and the only thing that he had in them was his car keys and a cellphone ".

They revealed that there weren't any exchange of gun shots between the agents and the taxi driver, unlike what the agents involved have said to the media and the Police department, and that only one shot was heard, "which was done by officer Alcantara". "We all remained cold when we saw that one of the three agents shot him without even crossing words", assured the witnesses.

"I noticed what was happening when the taxi driver hit another car in the entrance of this street (Evaristo Morales). I approached the window that is in the second floor of the company where I work (Tele 3) and I saw when him (the taxi driver) came out of his vehicle with his hands up in the air. Isaac (the taxi driver - victim) was stunned by the conmotion of the car crash. It was very strong", said Rafael Cosme, employee of the company Tele 3.

"After leaving the car two agents of the Amet grabbed the taxi driver, and dragged him by his trousers across the corner of the Evaristo Morales, were the officer (Alcantara) had parked, several meters ahead, without mediating words shot the man and they threw him to the ground", revealed Junior Avalo, employee of the same company.

Thanks to Listin Diario Digital, and myself for translating it.

This happened 2 days ago, there are many witnesses, who agree with this version of the crime, yet nothing has be done, this is bullshit, fucking soabs with guns on their power, where tf are we goin?...
If u all could only see the picture of this man (the victim) holding his baby daughter a few months ago, and he was so young...where tf's God? i cant help to wonder..


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