Saturday, July 15, 2006


SANTO DOMINGO. - The levels of violence that register in the country for the last months, reached yesterday one of their most elevated points, when at least 10 people died in different cities of the country. Around 8:00 in the morning several strangers on board of two RX 115 motorcycles assassinated the man in charge of the Department of Aerodinamics of the Main directorate of Civil Aeronautics, Christopher Martinez, while he was driving his vehicle by the Puerto Rico street of the Ensanche Alma Rosa 1, in the Santo Domingo municipality.

In San Cristobal four people were killed, two of them by a patrol of the National Police during presumed exchanges of fire. One of the deceaseds, that had not been identified received 14 shots while he was surprised penetrating a warehouse property of Joaquin Martinez, and the other man only known by the nickname of "El Pollito" when he tried to penetrate to a supermarket of the sector Madre Vieja. Also died Rafael Santiago Diaz, to whoms head was cut of with a machete blow in Najayo Al Medio. Also Luis Mariano Segura, was shot to rob the motorcycle he owned, while to Luis Cabral a multitude almost mobbed him while being persecuted after he tried to rob a coffee shop.

In other facts, the sergeant of the Police Francisco Abad Rivera killed his wife Agueda Fortunato Martinez, resident in Villa Mella, of a gun shot to the abdomen, leaving three orphaned children, includding a seven month old child, while no one knows who killed sergeant Jairo Maximo Gomez Mateo, in the Canitas, and in Cristo Rey, major Jonathan Leonel Geraldo Montero and sergeant major Victor Camacho were wounded from bullet shots in the middle of a fight, when they walked by the avenue of Los Martires.

In La Vega, strangers killed Jose Alexander Montano, while he was making love with a woman inside a vehicle in a solitary street, the man was undressed and the killers took his cellphone, money and other properties, while in Santiago a patrol of the Police killed Lucas Andujar Rosario (Luquita), accused to rob a police man of the institution.

In La Cueva de Cevicos, Cotui, four men who occupied a jeep without plate killed Juan de Jesus Camarena, of 50 years, after shooting him. In the incident was wounded Rafael Antonio Cruz Basora (Jose), who arrived in critical state at the hospital Luis Morillo King, of La Vega. After committing the crime, the aggressors left the vehicle in the same place and fled on foot while being persecuted by police agents.

In Nagua were found assassinated the student Welvi Joel Martes Rodriguez, of 21 years, that had been eight months disappeared, and the Haitian national Carlos Vicent, of 54 years, which generated great preoccupation in the population. Martes Rodriguez was found carved up and according to the medical legal expert Insipido Pedro Estrada, the skull presented/displayed two perforations, and that was found upon a wall next to an irrigation channel between scrubs.

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