Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A precious old friend posted on her blog, how words don’t hurt people, she made a good point while clearing up the reasons why.

"People, words do not hurt, they cannot hurt you emotionally, physically nor mentally, life is what you make of it. Everything that is said to you depends solely on the way you accept it, whether you accept it or not, it's YOUR CHOICE.".- she said.

I think words don’t hurt, single-handedly, it’s the way u hang on to them and what u eat them with, maybe it’s the sound of the voice coming from the person who says them?

I don’t know, but something in between makes it powerful, if words don’t hurt how come the spoken truth can injure a soul and the spoken lie destroy a life?
cuz’ hey, u know the truth, and I know it, right? (Not really)
Either way they'll, we’ll, be hurt, by the words they, we, desperately didn’t require to hear...

is it about the ego? Or are we too busy being shallow when it comes to someone else’s feelings and soreness?

Is it because, deep down, we all know something we wish no one else knew about, and when they let us know they’re aware of it, it’s a reminder of something painful... hurtful... insulting, maybe even indemnifying?

If it is certain words don’t hurt, physically, and while I keep believing they have an emotional impact, when do words become so damn powerful? To a point were something or someone gets broken, both, mentally and physically?

Words don’t harm unaided, is how you acknowledge them, but also by the context...they’re being used, what in fact hurts. Personally I believe that the most awful wounds are those we can’t see, cuz’ all visible existing ones, can be treated, if not cured.



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