Thursday, March 18, 2010

fist against and an empty can of feelings,
Smells like garbage.

Drained emotions,
Filled with fucking dissapointments,
Oh dear you complain of love and nothing at all,
So full of

like a whore
An obvious loser, you
Oh dear I wish I could care now
Drained emotions to satisfy,
No one,
Absolutely nothing
now you feel much.

We don't

Then go and take the wrong one

Hearing voices repeat, repeat
Senseless regret
We're not.

Feeling much wronged
I feared day would come
Can't feel joy nor pain
Your disgrace vainly humane, barely

heal your wounds
Take another selfish little..
Go home now,
take those dreams for a stroll
Get your hard-on again,
You'll find another fool
Followed by the wrong one to take home with you.
We're not

Being a coward suits you fine
Oh dear
Being one fucked your destiny,
Your house and white picket fences,
Your kids and neighbours,
We won't.

Now don't go mad,
You're as predictable as rain when fumes smells like dirt,
Walking back to the second choice,
But was first instead,
Fearing being left behind
You fucked your destiny,
Fucked the she's not it one.

You're as predictible
as the tragedy
Of the outcome.

Go home,
Alone with your hard-on,
You'll find a new second to replace a new 1st with
Another mess,
You'll get fucked and damaged too.
Like well

Oh boy!
Take it from the top..
Check check check
You're as predictable as the banging headaches
We onced suffered,
Predictions came 1st.


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