Sunday, February 08, 2009

Crónica de una hazaña..(pasada por alto) (?).-

I wonder,

A quién besaste anoche?

We always know,

when it comes down,

it comes down to lies & denial,

a microphone,

had to lie over the lie,

so it came down,

down to lies and the cover-up,

I wonder,

A quién besaste anoche?

like a universal song,

When deceive, erased by the memory of two,

Y en el fondo de todo,

she knew

in the night of the morning, she knew;

later on


Lead on,

I, by de-fault.

Y en una apuesta que no he de perder,

ha borrado el incidente,

su espera,

y del cambio atmosférico,

Season like,

Ha borrado,

aún le besa los labios.

Apuesto más,

Mi nombre inclusive,

Don’t feel the same,


Don’t feel the same,

Other than consideration & attention,

No more than given to any other friend.

So I wonder, when,

Was it when he went M.I.A.?

He went down,

He was missed,

So I wonder, when,

Was it when he skipped that one too,

Those two,

How could I have known?

But I heard my guts roar,

as my heart bruised,

bruised and covered-up,

now my sheets are drenched.

Gut told me to.

But damn me I knew,

My gut warned me like an echo submarine.

Damn me,

I still know.


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