Sunday, February 15, 2009

del 2003

como quien no quiere la cosa, me he topado con algo que postié en el 2003 en mi "journal" de mi cuenta de songmeanings.

not simple
by isobel at 2003-05-02 01:04:58
what i did was what i had to..
but i get colder as i walk behind u
what i said was what i had to..
but its my gun and its my trigger
yet im not the one with my finger on it
i did what i had to..
but id dare to take it back
then again..i'll walk away..
at my best..always..cuz im safe there
we ran naked at nightime..
but its the silk that cuts me right in..
all dressed up..and clean..
i wish i could wear that on..cuz im cold and holdin a gun..
but its ur finger on the trigger..and its my blood in ur silk clothes..


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