Tuesday, February 10, 2009

"mi cielo" SUCKS!

lunes, agosto 14, 2006

Whenever i hear the whole: "everyone has a soul mate, made in heaven, keep looking honey"...
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1st of all i'm not looking for it, 2nd, if u're not one of my female friends, don't honey me, don't call me "mi vida", "mi amor" "mi cielo" etc, i hate all that stuff, i only take "mi amor" when its being said in a funny way..

The thing is i can't even find a decent pair of socks!!, why? cuz' im not looking..i just open a drawer, and if its not there, then i'll use sandals instead.., so why people think we're all looking for the soul mate?
and if we were....

I can't help to wonder: does that mean that there's only ONE person, emphasis "ONLY ONE", for each of us ?.. how can that be??
is that even mathematically a proportional chance?
aren't there more women than men?
So, one soul mate per person, it's not even a real chance, unless 50f female population go on each other or something .. am I being negative? or just plain realistic?

Okay, lets say there is ONE person for each one of us, you know the so called "perfect" one, the one who "complete you .... make you a better woman/man" fine, but that soul mate, living his/her life, probably just a continent away from you, and who we must keep on looking, cuz' they're out there, somewhere, WHERE SHOULD WE START LOOKING?? and SHOULD WE? honestly, cuz' if it's meant to be, considering they're our soul mates, doesn't that mean we'll get together at some point, without the compulsive-non-effective effort of spending A LOT of money on airplane tickets and hotel rooms?
how do we know they're the one?
Is it something about their scent? the perfect look we only dream of, the personality that glows or the fact your parents love him/her more than what they ever loved you?

And then again, where do we start looking??
what if your soul mate lives in London or Madrid or Belo Horizonte? yet you don't know that, not to mention they don't either, nor the fact that you are "meant to be", how would you possibly get together?..

So millions and millions of people out there, but there's only one soul mate? is it selfish to ask for more than one? or is it normal to believe maybe a soul mate today wont be in 5 years or less .. or more?
so that's it? you have it, then you lose it, and with it you lose every hope that you'll have that again, cuz' there's only ONE? is it that complicated??

Are we condemned to wait?? or to give up??
passive comfortable people, or just crazy boy/girl scouts?
Either way it's a tragedy, not to find it, .. as well as finding it, to lose it, and then learn that was it, you messed up, now you'll never have it again, cuz' it was just one and there's a "no return nor reimbursements policy" written all over our love life.

But like Wilde said "behind every beautiful thing lies a tragedy.."


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