Saturday, May 09, 2009

Draco (Constellation)

Abbreviation: Dra
Genitive: Draconis
Translation: The Dragon

Position in the Sky
Right Ascension: 17 hours
Declination: 65 degrees
Visible between latitudes 90 and -15 degrees
Best seen in July (at 9:00 PM) <------------- ahem ahem, pero claro ...yo nací en ese mes, Dios no se equivoca! ;)

Named Stars
THUBAN (Alpha Dra) <------ :o coincidencia? pamparampampaaaaaaaaan :P
Rastaban (Beta Dra)
ETAMIN (Gamma Dra)
Nodus Secundus (Delta Dra)
Tyl (Epsilon Dra)
Aldhibah (Zeta Dra)
Ed Asich (Iota Dra)
Gianfar (Lambda Dra)
Arrakis (Mu Dra)
Kuma (Nu 2 Dra)
Grumium (Xi Dra)
Alsafi (Sigma Dra)
Dsiban (Psi 1 Dra)

As the year goes on, Draco turns upside down.
This is because from our point of view here on Earth, it has rotated around the North Star.
About 4000 years ago, the star Thuban was the North Star. Since then, precession of the Earth's axis has changed where the North Pole points, so the North Star is now Polaris. In another 10,000 years or so, the North Star will be Vega.

Chris Dolan

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